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Exceptional Woman, Exceptional Tea

It's particularly rare to find a woman as the owner and head boss in charge of an entire estate. Historically, the role of the tea estate owner, tea master, or tea manager has been held by men. In Darjeeling District among the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains of India, you'll find a single mother whose the owner of the Nuxalbari Tea Estate. Sonia Jabbar is not only the estate owner, she is thriving in her field and has been honored for her works creating a sustainable tea estate with a commitment to the environment and the endangered Asian Elephant.

Jabbar's tea estate has been in her family for five generations dating back to 1884. The tea produced from the Nuxalbari Tea Estate yields an exceptional taste and could be attributed to its heritage tea plants. The estate has transitioned much of the tea estate to organic, which requires a reduction in finished tea and an increase in patience during the transition. The tea plants need time to develop their natural resistance to pests without the application of pesticides. This evolution period generally requires two years for the tea plants to develop a healthy immunity and can also be plucked for tea.

Nuxalbari Tea Estate is a Green Corridor Champion that works with Wildlife Trust of India. This means they ensure the survival of wild Asian Elephants as they travel through Nuxalbari. Jabbar's efforts to reforest a 50-acre patch above the creek that flows through the estate provide both food and forest cover for wild animals. Sonia Jabbar was recognized by Prime Minister Modi for her environmental work on wildlife issues. Additionally, the estate offers a green model for other tea farms in the region, and it’s working with other conservation organizations to develop a research station at Nuxalbari for wildlife scientists doing research on Asian Elephants.

Sonia Jabbar established an environmental curriculum for the children of her one thousand employees called Hathi Sathi, or Elephant Friend. She teaches the Hathi Sathi philosophy to her workers and their families. The program teaches about the natural environment and the value of learning to live with elephants and other wildlife for the preservation of the future. Nuxalbari strives to make a difference with wildlife and nature, their employees’ lives and finding a better way to live.

Hula Consulting is truly honored to partner with Lake Missoula Tea Company to bring exceptional teas from Nuxalbari Tea Estate to your tea businesses at wholesale packaging and pricing. Below are a selection of beautiful tea offerings.

Darjeeling Shanti Hathi

Darjeeling Shanti Hathi is an Indian black tea with brisk high notes and smooth undertones. Front flavors include hints of sweetness. The finish is wispy and delicate and ends on the classic Darjeeling muscatel taste.

Darjeeling District Green

A lovely green Darjeeling with delicate notes of cream and wisps of sweetness. The taste is exquisite with a Darjeeling classic muscatel finish. Also described as clean, creamy, and naturally sweet, this handpicked, artisan leaf is irrefutably a Top Shelf Tea.

Nuxalbari CTC

A black tea with a punch. This stout black finishes with an ever-so-slight hint of tartness. Designed to go well with milk and sugar. Drink Nuxalbari CTC for your morning jolt.

Thirsty for more?

The #teaexperts at Hula Consulting are honored to help with procuring Nuxalbari Tea Estate wholesale teas from Lake Missoula Tea Company for your own tea company. For self drinkers or to use these teas in your next custom blend, please email or call 561.600.7025 for pricing and samples! We look forward to discussing your tea business with you!

📸 Photographs and information used with permission provided by Lake Missoula Tea Company.

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