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Teas Providing Futures for Families

Hula Consulting is so honored to provide our tea partners with wholesale options of truly incredible single-garden, organic, RFA certified, fair-trade teas. If that wasn't enough to cover all of your tea certification needs, Teatulia® is a certified B Corporation that produces teas from its own expansive tea garden located in the very northern tip of Bangladesh.

women tending to Teatulia tea garden in Bangladesh.

This tea garden was founded with the goal of improving lives in this remote and neglected region. Their fair-trade practices provide innovative education, health, and cattle-lending programs that provide a bright future for thousands of Bangladeshi families.

tea garden brought to life through regenerative farming

Single Garden Support

The #Teatulia tea garden was only a barren land in 1995 when it was brought back to life through regenerative farming practices. Its provided life-changing opportunities for people in the community, and employs more than 800 people in a safe environment, free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Teatulia has also created sustainable prosperity by providing health and education programs and organic farming training to help Bangladeshi families break the cycle of poverty.

The garden employs more than 800 people in a safe environment and has provided life-changing opportunities for people in the community.

Teatulia was also instrumental in starting the Alliance of Sustainable Gardens across the globe. This alliance offers teas and herbs that do not naturally grow in the Bangladesh garden due to the unique climate. They went on a worldwide search and certified like-minded growers to supply other items like #hibiscus, #chamomile, #mate, etc. Each of these growers shares the same vision and goals to offer the same certifications and commitments to #sustainability.

All of this also ensures a fresh and flavorful cup while Hula Consulting assists with the tea selections to best suit your #teabusiness. These award-winning Teatulia teas are available in a variety of whole leaf grades to suit your needs. These teas work great as self-drinkers or as part of your blend.


In addition to growing their own teas, Teatulia also processes all of the teas at origin in Northern Bangladesh. The company processes tea via the orthodox method of tea production. This preserves the whole tea leaf, controls the outcome of the aroma and flavor of the final tea, and ensures control over producing a variety of tea styles from white tea to green tea and black tea.

Tea Types

From withering to drying, the same Camellia sinensis tea leaf is treated differently during the process to produce the very different aroma and flavor effects of white, green, and black teas.

White Tea Our #whitetea is neither rolled nor fired, so it is essentially non-oxidized and it is the least processed. Instead of being exposed to artificial heat, the leaves are simply allowed to wither and dry in a carefully controlled environment, which results in the most delicate, fresh-from-the-garden-tasting white tea.

Green Tea This single garden #greentea is steamed before rolling. Steaming applies light heat to the leaves to help halt the oxidation process before the leaves are rolled into shape.

Steaming also helps expose the fresh, grassy flavor of the leaf. Green tea leaves are not able to oxidize after rolling, which is why they remain light color and flavor.

Black Tea

Our #blacktea is rolled immediately after withering to help get the oxidation processes started quickly. The leaves are then fully oxidized before they are dried, which is how they get their dark color and rich flavor creating the perfect cup of black tea.

Thirsty for more?

The #teaexperts at Hula Consulting are honored to help with procuring wholesale teas from Teatulia for your tea company or to use these teas in a custom blend just for you. Drop an email to or call 561.600.7025 to discuss your individual tea needs.

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